Ready to Start Your Own Supplement Brand?

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You may have spent last year thinking about starting your own supplement brand and getting your piece of the explosive $37 billion dietary supplement industry but ending up in the same place each time…

Where do I start?

2017 is already upon us and it is going to be a great year because it is going to be YOUR year.  All you need is a little help getting started!

If creating your own supplement brand (big or small) has been your dream and passion…or if seeing your brand on Amazon, e-commerce websites or on retail shelves brings a smile to your face, you already have what it takes.  All you need is the right steps simplified and placed in front of you.


Before we get there let’s take a quick look at some key terms to get you up to speed with the industry.

Contract Manufacturer – Pretty simple!  You can contract (hire) a company to manufacture your supplements.  They are equipped with the right machinery and follow the correct FDA regulations to ensure you receive a quality, safe product for your future customers.

MOQMinimum Order Quantity is the minimum number of bottles of your supplement that need to be made and purchased by you

Lead Time – This is the time that it takes for your product to be ready and delivered. 

So now that you are up to speed, let’s look at the very simple steps to get started!

Step 1 – Decide on the type of product you want to create. 

Who will be your target customer and why do they need your product? What price will they buy it for?

Step 2 – Contact your contract manufacturer to get a price quote.

Talk to your manufacturer about the type of product you want to make and collaborate with them to determine the formula and quantity of product in each bottle.  After agreeing on the details your manufacturer will submit a price quote and lead time to you.

Step 3 – Plan your budget.

Be sure to include product costs, label design and printing, and shipment costs. 

Step 4 – Place your purchase order and deposit.

Step 5 – Get started on label design and printing.

Your product may be ready in the next 4-6 weeks.  Manufacturers need to have your labels delivered to them so after they fill your supplements in bottles, they can then apply your labels. 

Step 6 – Deliver finished labels to your manufacturer

Step 7 – Pay your remaining balance and pick up your product

Time to celebrate… your product is ready to go!

One last side note…

A successful manufacturing process hinges on a good relationship.

Taking the time to establish a good and trusting relationship with your manufacturer is a worthwhile investment.

At Ameri-Kal our first priority is establishing a relationship built on trust, communication and partnership.  Ameri-Kal has been in contract manufacturing for over 35 years. We are a 100% FDA registered facility and in compliance with GMP. This all ensures that your product is beyond reproach and you have full confidence in the products you are supplying to consumers. 

Our 3 biggest priorities when working with a new company are:

Quality, Lead times and Pricing

Highly competitive pricing, shorter lead times and exceptional quality not only help get you started, but help get you started on the right steps.

Call or email Ameri-Kal today to find out how close you are to taking your first steps towards supplement brand ownership and the freedom of engaging consumers on the open market.  2017 will be your year!

From Agamatine to Zinc, download our free master list of the 75 Most Popular Supplements of 2018 to uncover the perfect ingredients to your next formula.
From Agamatine to Zinc, download our free master list of the 75 Most Popular Supplements of 2018 to uncover the perfect ingredients to your next formula.

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