How to Market a Supplement Line: from Start to Finish

by Ameri-Kal | June 05, 2017 | Supplement Line | 0 Comments


Whether you’re launching your first supplement line or a seasoned business owner aiming to boost your marketing, you’ll find a little bit of everything in our guide today.

You see, creating a high-quality product is one thing — making it profitable is another. Getting your supplement in front of high-value customers is difficult when you’re working against a sea of competitors. But by improving these four key factors, you’ll learn how to successfully market a supplement line and standout from the crowd. 

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1. Design and Packaging

One of the items you’ll notice in our free ebook, “Your Guide to Manufacturing a Custom Supplement Line,” is designing your supplement labels. Conveying your message through design and packaging plays a significant role in the awareness stage for customers. Whether your brand is loud and colorful or minimal and sleek, make sure your packaging speaks to that of your target audience.

We highly recommend working with a graphic designer (especially one with supplement industry experience) on product packaging. Their expertise will help you achieve the effect you’re after while distinguishing your brand from the competition.


2. Consumer Channels

Consider your customer’s demographics when determining product placement. This will ensure your message is reaching the right customers. For example, if your product is better suited for millennials, you may consider marketing your product on channels like Amazon. Whereas, if your audience is aging adults, you may be spending less time online and more in storefronts or print advertising.


3. Digital Presence

Regardless of your age demographic, it’s crucial that you have a strong digital presence. Register for a web domain and list your supplement business on social media platforms. Not only does this create a segway for potential customers to learn more about your product, but helps market your supplement line itself. Facebook Business Manager is a great tool for reaching larger (targeted) audiences. Pixel, one of its many features, is fantastic for tracking conversions and remarketing ads.


4. Content Marketing

Now that you’ve begun to market your supplement line online, it’s time to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Good on-page SEO helps bring your business up in Google rankings. One of the best ways to boost it is through content marketing. This can span over a variety of things — ads, blogs, articles, infographics and more.


Lastly and perhaps one of the most important steps when you market a supplement line is partnering with a knowledgeable product manufacturer. Our team here at Ameri-Kal ensures product quality and makes the distribution process a breeze for business owners. We also aim to support you by providing development advice, marketing tools and step-by-step guides to get your supplement line off the ground.


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